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Founded in 2008, with roots in the Silicon Valley, Alta provides insurance brokerage and alternative risk transfer (ART) services to  customers facing complex risks. Alta also develops and helps to manage  profitable, cutting-edge insurance products for insurance entities.

Insurance Brokerage

Alta has a high-level of expertise in arranging coverage for the exposures of the new economy. These include patent risk and other forms of intellectual property  risk, content and media liability, negligence, and contractual liability. Alta  is also able to address executive and employment liability exposures, as well as basic business risks. Alta has a full suite of products to address these exposures, including:

Alternative Risk Transfer

Alta is developing novel alternative risk transfer options for clients facing complex exposures such as patent troll assertions and other intellectual property risks.

Product Development and Management

Eric J. Weibel, president of Alta, is an experienced product development and management expert. He has a long and successful history of producing and helping to manage profitable insurance products.

He is a published casualty actuary. He also recently published an article on patent insurance in New Matter, a publication of the Intellectual Property Section of the California Bar Association.

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