Errors and Omissions Insurance

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Errors and Omissions Insurance

Make no mistake about it. The vast majority of real E&O Insurance policies cost more than $300 per year. At Alta we are E&O Insurance experts. Alta is not an insurance company, nor do we own an insurance company. And we do not just represent a single insurance company. So, the way we serve you is to actually find you the lowest priced policy. We don’t do this by telling you about the lowest priced policy we ever wrote. Instead, as an independent insurance broker, Alta makes the insurance companies compete for your business. We can get you multiple quotes from competing insurers. If you like having companies compete for your business you’ll love Alta.

What Is E&O Insurance?

So just what is E & O Insurance? Errors and Omissions Insurance at its core covers professionals against claims of negligence. Good policies will also often cover some contractual liabilities such as breaches of representations and warranties made about the contracted professional services. Other policies also cover some intellectual property and privacy and security type issues that arise from the provision of professional services. See our discussion to learn the basics of E&O Insurance for an introduction.

E & O Insurance Pricing And Quotes

Most E&O Insurance policies cost more than $300 a year, particularly if you are seeking a limit of $500,000 or more. The cost of a policy can vary greatly depending upon your profession, the quality of the coverage you are seeking, and the size of your business.

Eric J. Weibel, President of Alta, is a Registered Professional Liability Underwriter (RPLU), and would be happy to help you obtain multiple quotes for E&O Insurance. Go to Get An E & O Insurance Quote today to get the process started. After speaking with you, we’ll determine the best application for you to fill out and send it to you. We are happy to help you as you fill out the application. Or, if you’ve already gotten a quote that was more than you thought it would be or you just want to get more coverage and pricing options, you can usually send us the application you already filled out.


Upon receipt of your completed application, we’ll market it to multiple insurance companies to get you competing quotes and coverage proposals. We’ll then help you select the proposal you like best based on price, coverage, and insurance company.

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