Errors and Omissions Insurance Quotes

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Errors and Omissions Insurance Quotes

Alta is not an insurance company, nor do we own an insurance company. And we do not just represent a single insurance company. So, the way we serve you is to actually find you the lowest priced policy. We don’t do this by telling you about the lowest priced policy we ever wrote. Instead, as an independent insurance broker, Alta makes the insurance companies compete for your business. We can get you multiple quotes from competing insurers. If you like having companies compete for your business you’ll love Alta.

Multiple Errors and Omissions Insurance Quotes From An Expert

Eric J. Weibel, President of Alta, is a Registered Professional Liability Underwriter (RPLU), and would be happy to help you.

Because each profession and situation is a little different, you should call us or email us so that we can determine the Errors and Omissions Insurance application that will work best for you. We’ll send that over to you and can help you as you fill it out.

If you’ve already gotten a quote from somebody else that was more than you thought it would be, or if you just want to get more coverage and pricing options, you can usually send us the application you already filled out.

Once you return the completed application to us, we’ll then send it out to multiple insurance companies who will all compete for your business. After the quotes come in we can help you compare quotes, coverage, and the insurance companies and select the proposal you like the best.

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