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Get A Patent Insurance Quote

Multiple Patent Insurance Quotes

As an independent insurance broker with expertise in Patent Insurance, Alta will get you multiple competing quotes. Not everybody does that. Additionally, we will explain your options, help you with the demanding underwriting process, and aid you in negotiating the best quote and coverage provisions. At Alta we are focused on this line of business.


Contact Alta today and we'll get quotes started up for you. If you wish, you may fill out an Alta Intellectual Property Insurance Indication Request. Then email or fax it back to us (see contact info below). Before doing so you may wish to give us a call so we can assist you. Or read on and learn a bit more first.


Applying For Patent Insurance

Patent Insurance is heavily underwritten and the number of entities selling coverage is quite small. The application process for Patent Insurance consists of two phases.


In the first phase, one of the abbreviated applications we provide on this page is filled out and returned to us. After review, Alta sends this out to multiple underwriters. Within about a week, the underwriters indicate whether they think the risk is likely to be insurable, and what the price range is likely to be.


If, after receiving these non-binding indications, you are still interested in getting a firm quote, we proceed to the second phase. In the second phase, you complete detailed applications for each insurance carrier. After several weeks, competing quotes are issued with concrete coverage provisions. When done right, this can involve some negotiation and the exchange of further information.  At the end of the process we help you select the proposal you like best.

Contact Us To Obtain Quotes

We have offices in San Jose and San Francisco. To begin the quotation process, you may complete the indication form we provide earlier on this page. Or you may wish to contact us first for more information. Feel free to call us, send us an email, or use the contact form below. 

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