Product Development

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Product Development

If you are looking for product development and management expertise, and demand excellence, look no further. Eric Weibel flat-out produces and helps to manage leading edge products in existing and novel  lines of business. He has a track record of generating substantial underwriting profits.

Product Development and Management Services

Alta is available for actuarial consulting, product development, product management support, and Alternative Risk Transfer (ART).

Lines of Business

We are presently active or interested in the following insurance market segments:

  • Commercial Automobile Insurance
  • Personal Automobile Insurance
  • Habitational Property Insurance
  • Medical Professional Liability Insurance
  • Legal Liability Insurance
  • Miscellaneous Professional Liability Insurance
  • Intellectual Property Insurance
  • Select Commercial Package Insurance
  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance
  • Alternative Risk Transfer (ART)

Product Features and Analysis

We deliver class plans, underwriting guidelines, and operational features with many proprietary features.  These features are state-of-the-art, or entirely novel.

Global Product Features and Analysis

In general terms, we apply the following to all or most lines of business where possible:

  • Financial Underwriting
  • Refined Territorial Boundaries
  • Multi-Peril Rating
  • Multidimensional Rating of Correlated Variables
  • Global Actuarial-Operational Management Systems
  • Setup of Effective Claims-Underwriting Communications Systems
  • Painstaking Market Analysis
  • Advanced Policy Contract Features
  • Non-Traditional Rating Variable Development
  • Expert Underwriting Systems
  • High-Touch Underwriting Features
  • Cohort Analysis
  • Text Data Mining
  • Claims Audits
  • Continuous Improvement Systems

Automobile Insurance Product Features and Analysis

We also have a tool kit we apply specifically to Automobile Insurance:

  • Global Rating Algorithms
  • Proprietary Accident Proneness Models
  • Advanced Driving Record Rating Features
  • Telematics
  • Advanced Vehicle Rating Systems
  • Vehicle History
  • Policy History
  • Spatial Interraction, Spoke Rating and Underwriting

Property Insurance Product Features and Analysis

We have another we apply to Habitational Property Insurance:

  • Building Dimension
  • Advanced Construction Rating
  • Advanced Fixture Rating
  • Advanced Microenvironmental Rating and Underwriting

Contact Eric Weibel today to learn more about our product development and management services.